Rent an Apartment

Please follow the steps below to begin the Application process.

Step 1: Complete Your Rental Application

All Prospective Tenants and Guarantors must complete and submit a Rental Application (click here)

Step 2: Submit Your Supporting Documentation

Inside of the Rental Application, you’ll find a list of the supporting documentation needed to process your application package.

There are three ways to submit your supporting documentation after completing the Rental Application:

  1. E-mail to Compile your supporting documents into one (1) PDF document. If your PDF file is too large to e-mail, you can upload it to your secure cloud storage account (GoogleDrive, DropBox etc.) and provide us with a secure hyperlink and invitation to access your file.
  2. Fax: You can fax your supporting docs to: (516)466-3207
  3. Hand Deliver: If you’d like to hand deliver your application, please stop by our Manhattan office: 157 2nd Avenue, Suite 2-SA, New York, NY 10003

You can pay for your Application processing fees by certified check or money order. If you put down a Good Faith Deposit, you can pay the Application Fee at closing.

Application Fees are $75 per Applicant, all Prospective Tenants and Guarantors must complete and submit a Rental Application (Step 1)

Step 3: Sign & Deliver Your Lease Package

After your application package and supporting documentation is submitted, it will be processed and reviewed by the Landlord.

Upon approval, you will receive an e-mail with your apartment lease and a list of the certified funds you will be required to provide at closing.

You must sign your lease and deliver all certified funds to secure your deal. Our office is located at:

157 2nd Avenue, Suite 2-SA, New York, NY 10003

Examples of Certified Funds Include:

Cashier’s Checks Your local bank branch can issue Cashier’s Checks, which are drawn from your account
Money Orders can be obtained at any United States Post Office, and most CVS, Duane Reade, & Walgreens locations.

We do not accept personal checks, wire transfers, credit cards, or any electronic payments for Rent or Security Deposit funds due at lease signing; however, personal checks are accepted as a form of monthly rent payments after the initial payments are made.

Step 4: Schedule Your Move-In

Once your executed lease is reviewed and all funds submitted are verified, you will receive an e-mail containing move-in instructions from your Property Manager. This will have all of the information required to schedule your move-in, setup your utilities, and coordinate a time to pick up your new apartment keys.

Got Questions? Send us an e-mail